gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

30 galleries in one night

There are average 30 art exhibit openings in Los Angeles every weekend. I am exhausted just visiting 5 of them in one night, not even talking about traveling from Downtown to westside on the poorly digested 10 freeway.
But Fette does most of the jobs for us who can't drive fast enough! She has tons, tons of images from her visiting galleries or shows. It may not be as good as seeing them live, but it sure helps keeping me posted of what's out there with my fellow artists.

and the award goes to:
Jason Hackenwerth!!
I went to the opening at Raid Project in the brewery. It was a "life altering" experience. May I crawl in your big balloon sculpture and live there, Jason?

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