gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Have you seen some good shows lately?

10.14-11.4, 2006
SCA Gallery in Pomona
Three Rituals: Paintings, Photographs, and Video Projection
Artists: Corina Gamma, Yoko Kanayama, and Trine Wejp-Olsen

a show that moves me into tears... if you know what it feels like to have really good friends with whom you don't even need language to communicate, this is a show you'll enjoy. Genuine and honest art by three artist friends, pouring straight out of their hearts!

I met Trine in 2001 in a collaboration project. Her paintings has never failed to inspire me, bring me to a higher level of understanding what painting is and who a painter is. I always believe that you have to know the artist in order to read their art. Perhaps this is why when I look at her works, I feel as if I am in my pajamas, listening to her telling me stories of what happened today. SCA is directed by a superb artist and friend Nina Jun; they are calling for exhibit proposals... fellow artists, this is a professional space to show your works!

10.14-11.11, 2006
Lawrence Asher Gallery in Los Angeles
Sonic Landscapes
Solo show of Fumiko Amano

I have only known Fumiko for months, but it feels like she can be my sister. I am seldom drawn to abstract paintings, yet hers sing right into my heart. Mysterious warm emotion rises when I stand in front of these gorgeous works and the closer I get, the more magnetic power I receive. Go see the show and prove I'm right! Here are two detail shots of the pieces I will OWN one day!
Yes, I will!

10.14-11.19, 2006
Gallery Revisited in SilverLake


Artists: Pete Goldlust & Julie Hughes

Sorry that I was too excited to remember taking pictures of this show...dah... Although I should be promoting myself in the gallery I show at, but I wholeheartedly have to call this duo "the treature of Gallery Revisited!" I imagine if I can sit among their installations, I will be able to receive enlightenment and message from the art heaven. Dear collectors, you really should build a new vacation home to house this whole project!!

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