gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My grown little pig

You asked me how is my pig. You knew that we visited her in July. But you didn't know that our pig daughter is almost 3 and currently on diet.

This is my little girl, Ramona, in 2005~ and this is Ramona in 2007~

Ramona is now 360lb, a petite size compare to her farm-bred 800lb fellows.

Why can't pigs stop eating?

Because they are bred this way for hundred years. Farm pigs are raised to be slaughtered no more than 6 months; the goal is to have a breed that can eat a lot and gain their full weight before they head to our dinner table. Ramona has wild pig gene in her (her pointed ears and longer snout) which keep her smaller in size but still has the apatite for the sake of human.

She is naughty because after I gave her sweet strawberries and pears, she wouldn't touch her favorite lettuce any more. I guess I should feed children meals before snacks. She is the sweetest angel; I got to brush her with my hands and walked with her close by(which is great for territorial animals like pigs). She loves to soak in her pond and relaxes; when the right moment comes, poo-poo is a jolly move. Ramona looks like me, with black and thick hair.
She has a petite friend Wilbur, who is a pot-belly that follows you around and would eat kale over strawberries!

Do you like to have a farm animal on your family tree? Check out the Farm Sanctuary. We met some of the tallest cows, gentle sheep, shy donkeys, sweet turkeys, chicken, ducks, and your intelligent tip-toe pigs!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ok, this is probably the most irritating picture I've posted here, but it is damn interesting!!
I heard of things like this happen in US a lot, but never expect liberal Euro to shut down an art show due to political/religious intolerance.

It is a portrait of the Pope Benedict XVI by Italian sculptor Paolo Schmidlin, titled "Miss Kitty." His looking like a drag queen reads to me as the metaphor of Catholic churches' non-stop molestation scandals. The title was changed before the show opens to prevent political intervention. Mayor of Milan shut down the gay show "Vade retro:ARTE E OMOSESSUALITA'. Da von Gloeden a Pierre et Gilles" in a instance; right wingers were in rage while the gallery was force to stop selling any posters/merchandises they designed for the show.
Still have to think of Euro liberal, because politicians in US don't look at art at all, with the exception of patriotic theme and Thomas Kinkade.

I assume this show does not include celebrity gay artists like David Hockey, or it will be promoted instead of demolished. Of course, again, women artists are the first one to be the target, which turned around to bring Miss Schmidlin a fortune with all the attention. It reminded me of numerous artworks that were censored due to nudity involved. Sadly for the viewers who were sacrificed by the "chosen" few, innocent people will never know what our bodies look like. It is assumed that watching violent actions on TV is inevitable, but watching one's own body is indefinitely forbidden!

Monday, August 13, 2007


佈了個展,開幕順利! 才回到現實,承認完美的旅行已經告終,是該甘心回到工作室工作的時候了.

聯繫上很久沒見面的朋友,想起很多以前,怎麼人越老就越容易想起以前,不知道老狗是否也常常想起他們小時候的時光? 這個世界對我們進行了多少腦部調整,讓我們忘記了小時候,我們最常做的事是當下玩耍. 沒有留念過去或期貨未來的包袱是幸福的!所以我總覺得自己奇怪,做完一個展便迫不及待地想離開,到下一件作品去,沒有活在當下的健康. 像我聽人描述的,鑰匙才剛插進門鎖,你卻早就進了門了! 我得專心開門,別去想門另一邊的事...