gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

refocus rezero home

Life is but a tree, we instinctively follow the sun and were born to grow toward the sky.
Somehow other things came in the way, made us grow branches that bifurcate into all directions. They bring us much needed experience in this journey but sometimes can distract us from who we really are and why we started.

The opportunities to show are my branches. They educate me and build my confidence. Every emerging artist want some of these, and I do, too, badly. But I've came to realized that I need to re zero my meter every time I finished installing a show.
It is not to dwell in the after taste, but to move on and refocus/zoom out my lens.

I've gotten jealous, resentful, greedy and unhappy the more opportunities I have. Why is that? I ponder and ponder for a long dark hellish time. It is because I have lost the original vision and blinded myself with the short sparkle right in front of this moment. The more I have, the more I want, and the more I can not get. This pity old human folklore has come to an end.
Taking the sweet gratefulness I received from the most sophisticated and open-minded audience from the NOW show, I step into a new realm, leaving behind the self-pity. I may not be good enough, but I do my best at any moment. Each day I start a new day in the studio, discarding what I don't have and embracing what I have, which is my love and respect to my art. After all, I just want to make art, and having the ability to make them happen is the only juice I survive on.
Thank you all, who came thru my works and become part of it. Your taking it slow and digesting it thoroughly made this installation the most beautiful. Welcome to my branches!

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galleryrevisited said...

you are now ready to be in the NOW...

to be in the moment of each day and to give up a bit of the past worries!!

even though the work was inspired by a past experience that haunts you it will haunt you slightly less each time you focus on Now.
and the beauty of making art is that it helps you get things out of your system.
it's is good that you acknowledged that!!