gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Lies to sell the water

Sometimes I get so angry about the corporations who lie to sell water to us that I have to yell on my blog.
Does it have anything to do with art? oh yes, if they put too much fluoride in my drinking water, I'll get poisoned by the heavy metal and become stupid. Then I won't complain about them feeding me fluoride, will I?

This is a letter I wrote to Glendale Water and Power, who buys water from Metropolitan Water District of Southern Cal., who takes my tax money to put poison in my water and charge me monthly to lie to me. Nice, the capitalism at it's best!

Dear Glendale Water and Power:
Thank you for sending the WQR.08 2008 Water Quality Report. We find the information very useful. Regarding to the answers provided by GWP to Glendale residents' questions about drinking water quality, I have some comments.
In the "Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water" section, GWP did not clearly instruct people "how" to dispose unused medication should they choose to dispose it in regular household trash. Pharmaceuticals are considered Household Hazardous Waste in the county of Los Angeles, people should do their best to Not dispose them in the trash. Even if they do, it should be "Put in a sturdy, securely sealed container, then in a trash can," according to County of LA's website.

EPA is now proposing to add hazardous pharmaceutical wastes to the Universal Waste Rule. It is time GWP start addressing this issue in a clear manner. The fact that medication goes into the trash will lead to their impact in the landfill, further settles into the ground water. Best solution should be considering it as hazardous waste at all time.

Regard the "Fluoridation" section, GWP only offer One source for people to read about the fluoride's impact to human health. Unsurprisingly, the link goes directly to the MWD website, who caused a huge controversial debate back in 2007 by increasing fluoridation in water. I personally consider this report irresponsible as it failed to address the controversial issue from both sides. Fluoridated drinking water is especially dangerous to infants and nursing mothers. It is GWP's duty to educate people on that. Here is what some scientists, dentists and experts have to say about Fluoridation in drinking water: that Glendale residents have the rights to know about.

ps. Do you know that fluoride is byproduct from aluminum industry. Back in the 30's, some genius thought of tossing it in our drinking water to defer their waste management cost while raking in some of your tax money. It makes your teeth stronger, but is also cloud your brain and poison your blood. Teeth for intelligence, way to go!