gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Opening night performance

hibernated for a week, here is your review of the opening night performance happened on Friday, Sept. 11, 2009.
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We had a big crowd, all the standing and sitting spaces were taken by lovely audience. A good time with many hearts moved. Thank you all for coming! and huge Thank You to my wonderful collaborators~
I swear I must have done a lot of great deed in the past life to deserve such a team:)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Marathon installing. Final Rehearsal

Finished our 3-day-long marathon installing, I think it's time to stop abusing my installer husband who had to stay up late standing on a tall ladder... poor guy. but hey, we still did not break my record of 48-hour installing... I'm at the end of adrenal supply, but when I saw our final rehearsal today, I had to hold back my tears.

Everything is so beautiful, the music, the dance, the energy. For the first time I see my sculptures come alive, breathing and speaking with their own pulse in Loren's music, floating an dancing with Shyamala and Cynthia's movement.
Jake came by to document the whole piece so we can project it after the opening night. Those who couldn't make it to the opening can still get a feeling of what happened in the space.
Cynthia dances with the big ball which they have not seen until the day before final rehearsal. One has to applaud these wonderful professional creative choreographers. They are another subject of my artistic abuse :) hahaShymala's facial expression is so great, we caught a lot on tape. These two ladies' Indian dance training flow naturally thru their contemporary piece. Genius, ladies!
Let's not miss it, opening is Sept. 11, Friday night, 6-9pm.
Live Performance starts at 7:40pm, live dance, live music, live sculptures, live artists, all breathing together with the live you!