gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


每天去上班,並且花兩個小時以上的時間痛恨自己的工作, 唾罵上司或同事, 憎恨自己的生活更恐怖, 讓人有掉到懸崖底粉身碎骨的感覺!

小孟失業了, 鴨鴨辭職了, 同事Judy辭去全職工作到大學教畫畫去了, 收入不太夠, 但是心理暗爽又賺到好幾個小時創作的時間了. 給自己時間做自己想做的事算不算是一種收入? 鼓勵自己不論世事變遷, 我依舊要聆聽那讓我心情澎湃的渴望, 這種激勵算不算是一種收入?

我們從小被教育成靠"害怕"過日子的動物, 怕沒錢就要努力兼差, 怕不夠美就要在臉上塗粉, 怕失去自尊就要考第一名, 怕孤單就找個人結婚, 怕退休後沒人理就要趕快生小孩, 怎麼沒人教我們要如何過沒有恐懼的日子呢?


RoOster said...

I don't know..... sometimes what you gain or what you possess is defined and valued depending on what sort of society and community you are in, I reckon. That's sad, a bit, innit? But hey, tell you what, in the 5-corners community you are the best artist, ever. I solute ye ;-p

Yaya Chou said...

thank you, rooster! i'd like to say: why should the society defines what we have and how much we have? Afterall, when I die, it's all between me and the universe (nature, the buddha, the god, the ala... whatever). The only one who knows and cares is me. In order to not regret at the last day of my life, I shall be the one to set the standard, not others:) and i can change it any time I want...ha!

RoO said...

so, there ye go, and there we go.