gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chandelier featured in FiberArts magazine!!

My favorite magazine, FiberArts just published their Nov/Dec issue. I spend more time reading FiberArts than any other sculpture or fine art publishings, especially this issue.
Because on the last page, you will see, yaya's gummi bear Chandelier is hanging high and happily on top of an article about yaya's gummi works. A full page, all by myself! Liz did such a good job writing it, even made me feel curious about myself.
If you hurry enough, you can still get a copy in your local bookstore and treat yourself with the endless inspiration offered by maticulous fingers & marvelous minds. But if you are shocked by the high price of paper nowadays, I will help you read for free!
YaYa Chou: Bear Bulbs

YaYa Chou, a native of Taiwan who now lives in Los Angeles, has a lot to say about the relationship between society and nature. Her work addresses culture's tendency to cause alientation from nature; she often juxtaposes animals within domestic objects and scenes to illustrate these ideas. Chou's Chandelier is part of a series of gummy-bear sculptures that highlight the artificiality of the animal-shaped candy snacks. With their jewel tones and translucent qualities, she thinks they look more like decoration than something edible and notes that even when the bears were left out for cats, roaches, and ants, none showen interest in eating the candy.

I took Chou two months to thread thirty pounds of gummy bears onto monofilament to create the chandelier. The untreated bears show very few signs of deterioration since the chandelier's completion in Jund 2005. Even after more than a year, they are still fragrant and squeezable. At this rate, Chou believes the chandelier could last ten years and shine on as a symbol of our distant relationship to nature.

Liz Good, “Curtains: YaYa Chou: Bear Bulbs,”
Fiberarts magazine Vol.33, No.3, Nov/Dec 2006, page 80

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Have you seen some good shows lately?

10.14-11.4, 2006
SCA Gallery in Pomona
Three Rituals: Paintings, Photographs, and Video Projection
Artists: Corina Gamma, Yoko Kanayama, and Trine Wejp-Olsen

a show that moves me into tears... if you know what it feels like to have really good friends with whom you don't even need language to communicate, this is a show you'll enjoy. Genuine and honest art by three artist friends, pouring straight out of their hearts!

I met Trine in 2001 in a collaboration project. Her paintings has never failed to inspire me, bring me to a higher level of understanding what painting is and who a painter is. I always believe that you have to know the artist in order to read their art. Perhaps this is why when I look at her works, I feel as if I am in my pajamas, listening to her telling me stories of what happened today. SCA is directed by a superb artist and friend Nina Jun; they are calling for exhibit proposals... fellow artists, this is a professional space to show your works!

10.14-11.11, 2006
Lawrence Asher Gallery in Los Angeles
Sonic Landscapes
Solo show of Fumiko Amano

I have only known Fumiko for months, but it feels like she can be my sister. I am seldom drawn to abstract paintings, yet hers sing right into my heart. Mysterious warm emotion rises when I stand in front of these gorgeous works and the closer I get, the more magnetic power I receive. Go see the show and prove I'm right! Here are two detail shots of the pieces I will OWN one day!
Yes, I will!

10.14-11.19, 2006
Gallery Revisited in SilverLake


Artists: Pete Goldlust & Julie Hughes

Sorry that I was too excited to remember taking pictures of this show...dah... Although I should be promoting myself in the gallery I show at, but I wholeheartedly have to call this duo "the treature of Gallery Revisited!" I imagine if I can sit among their installations, I will be able to receive enlightenment and message from the art heaven. Dear collectors, you really should build a new vacation home to house this whole project!!