gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Monday, November 27, 2006

December 2 = Shows and Shows

shows and shows and shows...
more and more and more new works...

I am staying mellow this holiday season, because studio time is taking the lead. No more turkey around or cutting tree for deco. What do people do with those Christmas cards anyway? Wish they care to recycle... I am creating new works for Christmas shows while an exciting opportunity came along, tucked in the already very-jam-packed week.

James Gray Gallery is hanging a group show curated by Joella March. I met Joella last Sunday, felt as if I've known her forever. This is my first time showing in the west side, and I go straight into the Bergamot Station~

"Belong" is one of the pieces I will be showing there. Sadly I will have to close my door early during the open studio hours, because I really really want to go to this opening. One of my favorite artists Melissa Meier will be in the show as well. I can't wait!

And Leora's mounting a fun and treasure-packed show in Gallery Revisited, opening on the same night. I have some cute tiny sculptures and new paintings/drawings there. Treasure hunting starts right here! and they never run out!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Art Media Reform

Although Mass Communication was my major in BA, I still found myself shocked by the way US media operate. They are the sole reason, driven by all the corporations, why most people are ignorant about the world, fearful of those who are different and build their faith on what the media manufactured.
Not surprise at all, US media in Art are the same. Mainstream art magazines write about artists as if they are Britney Spears, not great thinkers. They focus on the popular local artists whom other magazines have written about, so when one reads one magazine to another, one can hardly tell the difference.

I have had enough of this. I want to know what artists outside the US are making, what they are thinking, how they think and how the rest of the world respond to their art.

Tema Celeste and Sculpture are two of my favorite contemporary art magazines. Unfortunately, Tema Celeste is published by an Italian company who's an expert on auction market. But the sad part is that even Tema Celeste smells a lot fresher than ARTnews. I read about a lot of great artists before they were taken on by US galleries/museums. The experience is like after listening to Pacifica station, one wonders: "why didn't I hear about this on TV news? Not even on NPR or PBS."

Sculpture provides much support to my conceptual activities. Their interviews on artists dig deep into their mind and philosophy about world affairs, politics, art or life itself. You simply can't separate artists from their views on the world, why pretend they only care about colors? Reading Sculpture is like going thru a spiritual journey, I learn how to negotiate between concepts/materials and grow as a humble human being who makes art.
Before we have a reform on art media, do yourself a favor, read something that empowers you as an artist!