gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

between Sandy Owen and his piano

There was a bag of joy, carried on my shoulders.
Flied with it, we sailed.
Somehow it grew heavy, mixed with judgement and self criticism,
filled with fear, doubt, expectations of the world the fame the wealth and the reputation.

It is a spot light went dimmed.
Like an over indulged addiction, it drooped.
Treasured as marvelous jewel, I held it close to my chest; hard to breath.
Heavy as a ton of gold, I wore it as a crown; never to look up again.

My bag of joy is now a wagon loaded with resentment.
Pushed, I trekked the dry spell of truth.
Dragged, I crawled through the desert of sorries.
joy. suffering.

I no longer talked to my art,
I no longer listen to my heart.

It's time to leave, it's time to shut.
Shut the fabricated sense of world,
shut the pretended story of me.

When it no longer chatters, I hear the sound of pure honesty,
that is
what it was
between Sandy and his piano,
between me and my art.
If I don't hear this conversation,
who is to listen to it.

inspired by Sandy Owen's interview on Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick, Sat. 01/15

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Transcending materials

I was admiring the artists on Walter Maciel Gallery's website. Suddenly I broke through the eggshell which has been encasing my brain for years, realized that I have been a slave of materials.
It may seem like I see what other don't see when it comes to working with daily materials. The truth is that I've been on a leash lead by these mundane products. They dictate what I will make and cage me in the name of "sculpture." That is tragical, no wonder many artists no longer associate themselves with the title of sculptors or painters.

I thought I have seen the unseen, but actually I have only seen what was taught to me to see. To truly be free, I must transcend the function, history and nature of the material. If I were able to transcend the form of the material, I'd be marvelously successful.

Materials are simply tools, like a computer, one must not build lives, believes or conceptions on them. I am enlightened. Thank you, fellow artists!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Moon Rabbit was born in fast speed!

One sculpture in 7 days! It looks as fun as it was to create my moon rabbit!

To adopt the Moon Rabbit, please visit
under Los Angeles >>> YaYa Chou link. You have until Jan. 15, 2012, to bid on this bouncer!