gummi Chandelier ii in detail

gummi Chandelier ii in detail
Inside the gummi bear Chandelier Jr.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strong Love

Artists consider ourselves lucky because we get to do what we want. I consider more and more people are doing what they want nowadays. Artists, too, get lost in the game of money and fame, probably no less than the American Idols.
I created a tension between art and my personal life which made me hard at breathing. It stretched so far that I developed an "anti" feeling of going to openings. So I dipped, then skipped. Decided to have a day without art, eat a good meal and watch a brilliant movie.

Indeed somebody heard my intention, sent me to watch "The Lives of Others."

Did I say a day without art? How could I even control that? This movie is so well written that I don't even dare to imagine where I will be if it's a novel I'm reading... For a long time, there has not been a movie made me regret of stopping making films; yet this one strikes a chord in my heart. The writer in me wants to climb a tree!
Now that my cat is capable of making conceptual art like this one, I can move on to the writing department.

"Artists are capable of strong love," Michael Salerno told me in an opening. I could never ever erase that sentence from my brain. I saw it in the movie today, the movie that brings my art back to me. One never knows when the perfect quote will appear in an art opening. Thanks, Michael! You made the art openings worth going!


303pm, I loaded the sculpture in the back seat and added more money in the meter. I saw the color of ocean behind me, had to go taste the blue. It's 303pm; found 6 pennies by the next meter I encountered, it's an abundant day.

Ocean smells like home; I let the sand filled my socks and shoes. The roaring waves reminded me of the high tide I grew up with in Taiwan. Our ocean is more naive, more friendly, like the uncle who's always drunk but always welcome strangers and adore children. The ocean on this side of the north Pacific wears high heels and make up, her brand new bikini can easily out perform stinky uncle's torn t-shirt.But I miss uncle's drunken stories, they are for everybody who walks by the ocean. Beach is our home, is where we belong. But when you visit the beach on this side of Pacific, it is blondes' home, it smells good but not open for your drunken stories. The flip flops look quite the same, but the ones here don't tolerate your shame.

I miss home, from this side of the Pacific.
Sending my finger prints home, by the white foam of the high tide, when will it reach home?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sniff, Exhale.

Not that I like to stay in the past, but gummi bear is an ever-present subject.
I just realized that when Gizmodo blogged the Chandelier, bandit commented:

"In an environment with less than 62% relative humidity and temperature under 80'F, a gummy bear will last an average of 7.3 years. Trust me on this."

I swear I didn't pay bandit to say this. If I did, I would pay for a statement of "lasting 20 plus years." bandit is the first person to offer this scientific statement since the gummi entered my brain. Thanks, bandit!

I have been working on a series of sculptures about genetically engineered animals, the first to be born is the octopus. Then Tim Hawkinson's Zoopsia opened in Getty. I stared at his octopus, bit down my teeth, wanted to scratch it off the monitor... I delivered this news to my octopus girl, we both wept... We thought we were the first one.

Worked on the detail draft of the rose window, intended to keep it a secret. Then I ran into the image of Damien Hirst's "Aubade - Crown of Glory." Another oz. of brain juice to crush me...

Human beings live inside similar cultures often share the homogeny of experience, ideology and thinking patterns. I must have been too westernized. This is a challenge existed ever since I first started art career by making female dress forms. Everybody is making what I am making... *~#-%*^#@

I guess one can never avoid stepping on others' brain wave accidentally, since we all watch the same movies and use the same computer OS. damn those culture monopolies!

The best solution will be live deep in the sea or at the core of the earth; at that moment, my views will alter into uniqueness and exoticness. not your Polynesian way of exotic, but a real never-before-comprehended way of strangeness.

oh, well, until then, we would continue stepping on each other's toes and yell: "I'm gonna make 1000 octopuses to beat up your 1 octopus." or in a hypocritical tone: "wow! that is so genius that you came up with the rose window idea!"